Captains Larrick
Captains Mark and Stephanie Larrick
Corps Officers/Pastors

340 Lake Street
Delaware, OH 43015

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Office Hours - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9am - 4:00pm, Wednesday 10am-6pm
Pantry Hours - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10:00am-3:00pm, Wednesday 10:00am-5:30pm, Friday 10:00am-2pm



Sunday School - 10:00am

Worship Service - 11:00am

Fellowship Dinners following Morning Worship on the first Sunday of the month.


Women's Group - 6pm - 1st & 3rd week - Yakkity Yarn at the Community Room at Arthur Place, 759 Woodford Way, Delaware; 2nd & 4th week - Home League at Londontown Apartments 4th Floor Meeting Room, 300 Chelsea Street, Delaware


Small group Bible Study - 6pm - Community Room at Arthur Place, 759 Woodford Way, Delaware


Archery - 6pm - Includes devotional and meal.