Gifts In Kind

At The Salvation Army, we know the power of In-Kind contributions.
Gifts In-Kind allow us to build our capacity, hold down our overhead costs, expand our capabilities, and ultimately, serve more people in our community.
Some of our most needed items include canned food, clothing, bus tokens, and donations required by shelters -such as diapers and personal toiletries.
Gifts In Kind also allow individuals and organizations to donate excess inventory or specialized products to assist those with an immediate need, while knowing that their contributions are going towards a good cause. Many people enjoy giving physical items, since they are able to see the tangible benefit of their contribution. Additionally, we are always happy to set up tours at any of our program sites, which allow people to see the work of The Salvation Army first-hand - and further visualize the value of their donations.
All gifts are distributed through our social service programs, family service offices, or to our clients via special events. In fact, many organizations choose to partner with us through special events and provide the physical goods necessary - such as food for a Thanksgiving holiday meal - to not only make the event successful, but to expand the number of people served.
Benefits of corporate In-Kind Giving
  • Your company will receive positive recognition for helping the communities where you do business; such involvement creates and bolsters a good corporate image
  • Making an In-Kind contribution often reduces costs associated with surplus inventory
  • Contributing is an efficient way to recycle used or depreciated equipment and supplies
  • Making a donation allows your company to respond to an immediate need while benefiting your local community
  • Corporate donations may be tax deductible
With your In-Kind gifts, we can provide a new level of support to those in need throughout our community!